Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday soaps and other gifts

So the holiday season is upon us.  I am not a big mall shopping kind of person so I devised a neat kind of idea to help myself and others who would rather eat lightly grilled weasel than go out shopping in this madness.  We threw a Lazy Santa party!  What is that you ask?  Well myself and two other artists got together at our place in Brooklyn and brought our wares, invited a bunch of people, made food, had some beverages and sold holiday gifts!  It was a success, people loved the idea!

The other artists were my friend Kim, a very talented jewelry maker and Rick a cool eco-conscious candle maker.  The house was decked out, the food was great and the gifts flew off the shelf.  We will definitely be throwing more parties like this, we met some great people, had fun and made money.

holiday lotion bar

hangable soap ornaments

gingie 2.0

mint chocolate chip whipped shea and whipped sugar scrub

These are a few of my items which made it to the party, they all have heavenly scents, some holiday, some just delightful in general.  We kept the prices reasonable and even packaged them up so they could be given without any fuss.

Kim's jewelry is great, she has a cool mix of vintage and exotic, i ended up buying 3 pairs of earrings, a bracelet and a necklace to give as gifts (ok i kept a pair of earrings and the bracelet for myself, i just could not help it!)

Rick has a great concept of candle making, first, he uses soy wax which is produced in the U.S. in order to not be a contributor of the deforestation which is going on in some South American countries that are producing soy products.  Second he uses recycled bottles as his candle holders.  Very eco friendly.  They also have really long and slow burn times.

The food we prepared was simple and good.  I pressure cooked a whole turkey then broke it down so that people could make turkey sliders, kind of like day after thanksgiving left overs, it was a big hit, needless to say there was none left at the end of the party.

I wish all the artists the best of luck and everyone the happiest of holiday seasons!  Don't forget to support your local artists this holiday season!

from your local soapsmith

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  1. Thank you for hosting the party! It was great to combine so many holiday traditions in one afternoon: eating, socializing, and shopping. I can't wait to try out some of my new Soapsmiths products. When's the next party??