Sunday, November 7, 2010

MP/CP Soap? What? You're crazy!

Yes I am.  And totally excited about it.  I heard this could be done, then read an article in saponifier magazine AND later saw a picture on a soap forum i visit regurarly.

Here was my process:
I pre-made and scented mp soap.  I used a spherical mold and split each sphere into two scents 1/2 vanilla bean and 1/2 hot cocoa (omg! it's so spot on!) then i took those little balls, weighed them and subtracted that weight from the size of my mold so it would not spill over.  I devised a very basic soap recipe, unscented, since my mp spheres were scented with pure deliciousness and i colored it using a beautiful burgundy oxide which worked really well with the colors of the mp soaps.

I poured the cp into my mold about 1/3 full, stopped, then placed some of the spheres into the  mold, then i poured more cp.  I actually poured the rest of it in because i wanted to save some spheres for the top to have them peaking out.  I gently placed them on top and did some cute swirls around them.  The burgundy worked great with the cocoa and of white color that the mp spheres are.

I CANNOT WAIT to unmold and cut them to see how they turn out to be!

More to come.


your soapsmith

The creation, just poured......
The final product!

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