Thursday, August 23, 2018

Where have I been.......?

Hello out there in the land of the interweb. I took a hiatus from writing for a bit as well as selling
soap, not that I ever stopped making it or working on awesome new ideas. Since last time I wrote I have moved back to my home town of Pittsburgh, PA, gone back to school and became a Certified Veterinary Technician and now work at a zoo (yes, it's as awesome as one would think!) Oh, we also bought a house and have an awesome dog named, Snowy. In all that time with all those things that I have been working on I somehow knew I would come back to soapmaking, one of my passions. I have many new ideas and have started making new batches of soap. I am hoping to open a small artist space here locally where I can sell my soaps and bath and body creations as well as other items that I have created, see I wanted to branch out. Deep down I am a "maker" I love to work with my hands and be creative and try new artistic techniques when I learn about them. Sometimes they completely crash and burn and sometimes they are pretty neat. I also think it might be kind of cool to share my craft with others through teaching or just group making sessions. Like I said, I have lots of new ideas. Sit tight and stay tuned to see what will be next for this little soapsmith!

Signing off
~your long lost Soapsmith