Wednesday, February 6, 2019

RAW Natural Born Artist Show

We have been plugging away over here in the studio and one fine
day while adding a fresh coat of (recycled) paint to the walls I got a call asking if I wanted to be a featured artist in an upcoming show? Well I thought, this sounds kind of neat! While I have always thought of my soaps as usable art I didn't realize that others may as well.

We checked into the organization a little bit and decided to go for it, why not?!? It is with great excitement that I announce that we will be a featured artist at the end of this month in Pittsburgh! We are both humbled and excited about being able to showcase our creations in such a cool way. 

So what is RAW? It is a show that is in cities all over the country and gives new and emerging artists a chance to be discovered. This show includes musicians, performance artists, fashion designers, photographers, jewelery and other accessories designers as well we us, the Soapsmiths!

We have been working like crazy in the studio (yes, I stopped painting immediately!) to make products, make sure our packaging is up to snuff, update product photos (they need to look art show ready you know.) and we are even working on a super artsy feeling booth for our wares. While this is a lot of work it is also really fun to be able to think of our soaps as little pieces of art.

If you are reading this and live in Pittsburgh or will be in Pittsburgh at the end of February come on out and check this event out. 

We have a sweet profile up on their page which you should take a peek at: tickets can also be purchased through this link. 

We will continue to update on what we are up to with this neat opportunity and hope to see you there!

~Your Soapsmiths