Monday, September 27, 2010

Running out of space......

So we are running out of space in our little Brooklyn apartment.  With all the equipment that the creation of these awesome products we are kind of cramped.  We have everything from soap molds to the oils and chemicals and special additives necessary for making these gorgeous soaps, lotions, scrubs, salves, balms etc.etc.etc and also containers (who knew they would take up SO much space? and our living space is getting smaller and smaller.  Now, I am not complaining just simply saying to have a separate space would be helpful.

I had a brain storm last week and though to look into artists spaces for rent.  What do you know but they seem pretty affordable.  Called around to a couple of them toured one neat-o space and spoke with a person from another......both spaces seemed to think that what i do is not art???  I mean really anything made by someone's hands i consider a form of art, my is just usable.

I felt a bit ticked off but am a firm believer that something better will come along.

My secret public journal

I am starting this blog as a sort of journal to keep track of my various soaping and other product experiments.  I will include pictures when i can (when i remember to take them) and over time will have a sort of history of my product making and formulation.  What spurred this on was a formula that i am currently working on that i just cannot seem to nail.  The secret public journal will be helpful in my keeping track of the different variations and which ones worked best and which ones.....well lets just say should not be repeated.