Friday, December 17, 2010

Naming a new line

We have a newer addition to our family of soaps and no name for it!  What to do?  It's turning out to be a great line and it needs a name to convey all that it is, can be, will be.  Why is this so hard???  Because it doesn't fit into any specific idea or category.  It's beautiful soap really.  It is dynamic and ever changing with each batch even though the base ingredients remain the same.  Below are the first four soaps I developed for the line.  They are lovely, fun, great on the skin (of course) and lightly scented.

This is the batch that started it all.
Scented hot cocoa and vanilla bean.

The next batch has different scented spheres and new colors!
Scented peppermint/eucalyptus, yum!

The third batch is an homage to Christmas colors and scents.
The green is pine and the red is like a hot cider  

This batch is the newest and may be the best yet!
Made with goatsmilk it will be super duper loving on the skin.
This soap is vanilla bean scented and the spheres are hot cocoa scented.
Once done curing it will be FANTASTIC!

So the great thing about the line is that it is two types of soap in one bar and the spheres are multi-scented and differ with each batch.  I think I will eventually change the spheres to be other shapes too!

Stay tuned for the name of this awesome line!

~your soapsmith

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