Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan Relief

In the grim aftermath of what happened last Friday in Japan I sit here feeling like such a little person in this very big world wondering if anything I do to help would make a dent.  Well I am going to do something anyway.  We have lots of soaps from seasons past here at Soapsmiths that look really beautiful but let's face it, no one is buying flip flop shaped soaps in March.  So we are sending them across the pond to the Japan relief effort.

Why send soap you may ask?  While we know that many MANY items are needed soap is also important to keeping an environment sanitary and helping to prevent health problems such as diarrhea, infections from cuts, colds, flu, lower respiratory infections, impetigo and more.  These problems will affect mainly young children.  Something as simple as having access to a bar of soap to wash their hands can prevent a plethora of illnesses.  Some studies project a 42-47% reduction in these health risks with proper sanitation.

So yes, we the little Soapsmiths will be sending our soaps to Japan and other countries to help reduce health risks for the children and people who need it most.  If everyone does something, even if they feel they are too small to make a difference, it will make a difference in the end and people will be thankful, even if we never cross paths with the person we helped, know that it will make a difference in their lives.  I don't know about you but that's all I need to know.

For more information on donations please check out these links:
http://www.habitat.org/  < although it may be some time until they can start to rebuild, they are international.

There are tons of sites, please take a minute to search the web, if you find a great one, let me know and I will list it here so everyone can see it.

Be generous my friends
~Your Soapsmith

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